Wednesday, July 9, 2008


On Saturday July 5th, we sold all the chi-weiner's accept for one little girl. Because she wasn't eating like her sister and her brothers were. I think she takes after her dad, because when her dad was a puppy we had to feed him for about 6 weeks or so. Now we need to feed her as well. When we took all the puppies in for their shots before we sold them, she was the smallest and she only weighed 1lb and 8oz and she is going to be real small. Well my husband and I are getting attached to this little puppy, so we decided to keep this little puppy. We named her Luna instead of Lady, you can call us nuts because we do have 6 dogs already but we just love this little one. She pounces everywhere and she is just like a little fireball she is a lot of fun.

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Em and Ken said...

Hi Anhalee, I am glad you have a blog. As you can tell I never get on myspace anymore. Your blog is super cute and so are your dogs. I especially love the weiner dogs! I am partail since I have one of my own :) I don't think that i could have gotten rid of Luna either. Totally understand :) I don't know what to tell you about the backgroud. Actually I think I do. You have to add a page element and then copy the shortcut link I think. If that does not work email me at and we can figure it out:)