Monday, January 19, 2009

Reporting After Surgery

Well I wished it went better then it did. My wound came opened and it is no fun at all! Going through menapause at the age of 28 is no fun, my hormones are all over the place. Having hormones one day and the other day you don't have any at all. Right now I am trying all sorts of things to help so I don't have hot flashes at all and they are no fun. Enough complaining I have to try to trust in the Lord that everything will be okay. It is not easy but I there are things that I have to go through and they are not easy but I can do it!


Dave and Jaime said...

I know you will pull through this, you have pulled through so much already! Remember trials come to those with the strength to get through them. You have been a strength to me just seeing what a strong person you are to overcome all the many trials you have endured. I know you will endure and be stronger through this ordeal, but I will be sure to remember you in my prayers!

Christiansen Family said...

You are amazing! I am sorry that you have to endure so much more than someone your age. The Lord know you, loves you, and he will strenghten you. May the Lord bless you in your trials.

Natalee and Randy said...
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cole & jacee said...

You *are* incredible anj. You are in my thoughts more frequently than most, and I'm so sorry I haven't shown that! We had the baby on Thursday, so I'll be a homebody for a while in this frigid weather :). Talk to you soon:)