Saturday, April 3, 2010

Mimi with Toilet Paper!

Well Rob and I were gone to a doctor's appointment in Salt Lake and we were gone for a couple of hours and we came home with toilet paper all over the place. I made sure before I left it was up and I don't know how Mimi got it but she did. I do know Mimi is a little stinker but we do love her. Rob and I have been real busy Luna had just one puppy, when Luna was in her heat Luna always found away to get her diper off and one night she did and Zeus got a hold of her and got her pregant with one puppy. Well she had to have a cesection and the puppy looks so much like a shih-tzu and we named him Nabu and he real cute. Isis also had puppies on 4/2/2010 she had 4 puppies 3 boys and 1 girl Their names are Jar Jar, Padme', Obi, and Snootles Will post pictures of the puppies later but here are some pictures Mimi getting toilet paper all over.


Smith's said...

oh my goodness, i have to say that is is worse than either of my kids have done! :)

Dave and Jaime said...

What a mess! I think that is just dogs way of telling you they missed you while your were gone.