Thursday, January 13, 2011

What I have been up to lately?

Well I have been pretty busy lately in October I had a bone that I was calcfying and it was removed from my hip and I was unaware that I was allgeric to the blue stitches and I had a huge ball full of infection and the doctor had to go back in during the Thanksgiving week and he used different stitches and he put drains in and that didn't work so he wanted me to wear a wound vaccum and I needed to be in a hypberbaric chamber that gives you full of oxygen. As of right now my wound is starting to heal and I'am almost done with hyperbaric chamber. Here is some pictures that Rob took while I was in the chamber, I also found a picture of a wound vac on the internet. With all of this happening I go to the gym and the doctor's are glad because it helps with the healing process.

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