Sunday, November 9, 2008

A Proud Aunt

On November 8, 2008 I was able to attend my younger sister Amanda's baby shower. It makes me sad that I am unable to have kids of my own, but I can be a great Aunt. So I thought I would post some picture's of my nieces and nephews. From top to bottom, their name's are Kylie, Asher, Eden, Brody, Sophie and Conner. When all my sister's and I get together I am exiceted to see them becasue they are fun to play with and they are the cutest. Amanda is due in December and she is having a little boy named Ian, and my sister Andrea she is having a little girl named Racheal. Each one of my nieces and nephews have their own personality and I guess that is what makes them so much fun. I love being an Aunt!


Christiansen Family said...

Cute kids! I enjoy reading your blog. How are your hips doing?

The Hewes Family said...

Where is the pictures os Rachel????