Monday, September 14, 2009

Meeting Greg Oslen at Costco!

Today Rob and I went to go to Ogden because I had a doctor's apponitment and we got down there a little earlier so we decided to stop at Costco. Well Rob and I was looking around and there were paintings of Greg Olsen's and we were looking at them because we just admire his work and he does really good. Well there was this gentleman talking to us and he was just telling us about some of his new work and I was just telling him that he was my friend on facebook and we love his work and love his panitings and this gentleman told us "go peek around the corner and tell that him yourself" So Rob and I had a chance to meet Greg Olsen in person and what a great experince that is. So now Rob and I can say that we have met Greg Olsen and President Dieter F. Uchtdorf. I thought I would post some of Greg Olsen paintings on my blog because I admire his work because I feel the spirit so strong when I look at his work and I feel so close with the Savior.

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