Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Our new chihuahua

Okay after getting rid of 4 of our dogs and just keeping 3, Rob and I told each other no more dogs. Well how long did that last. Hmmm not that long. Luna needed a friend because Isis and Zeus was always gaining up on her especially Zeus. Rob found this cute little chihuahua it took us forever to find this cute little chihuahua because we get picky about dogs because people out there inbreed dogs out there. So we found a little girl chihuahua and we named her Mimi, well she follows Luna everywhere. One bad thing Luna has taught her how to get in the garbage not a cool thing because I don't know why but Luna likes to get the qutips out of the garbage and that is sick and she likes the tissue out of the garbage too so now we have to keep the garbage up high now. But now Luna has a friend to cuddle up with and we bought them a bed one time we caught them snuggling together in the puppy bed. Mimi is so cute and she gets really curious though so I am on my toes with this little one. Now we just have 4 and that is just in the city limit and no more.

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